The Anglesey First Response Scheme was set up in March 2004 and is supported by theWelsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

The aim of the scheme is to assist the Ambulance service when there is a possible delay in reaching a casualty.

When a 999 call is made to Ambulance Control, they will always dispatch the first and nearest available ambulance; as an adjunct to this service they could also ask the assistance of a nearby First Responder.

The aim of the scheme is to provide assistance in the form of Oxygen Therapy or defibrillation to a casualty with breathing difficulties or possibly with cardiac Arrest.

The Objective of the Anglesey First Response scheme is to have a selection of teams (each with approximately ten volunteers) to be located in such areas as Holyhead, Amlwch, Beaumaris, Llangefni and Malltraeth etc.

It is also envisaged that, in addition to the main teams, we would have satellite teams working to expand the area of the Main team. These for example would be like Valley working with Holyhead to cover Holy Island, Trearddur Bay and Four Mile Bridge, and Llandonna working with Beaumaris etc.

We are looking for volunteers within these areas and, if you think you could help us, either by volunteering or fund raising then please call the local Coordinator or email below

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How Your Cell Phone Can Save Your Life

What is the one thing that you never leave home without? Of course that would be your cell phone, regardless of where you are going. This is something that is on you at all times and connected to the world. There are many apps and settings that allow you to interconnect this device with internet and phone service to use it as an emergency device. You have probably seen external devices such as the Life Alert and similar services, but these have their own faults. There is nothing more reliable than appropriately configuring your cell phone to function as a backup health and safety device. Here are a few ideas on how to get your device set up in case of an emergency.

The first option that is required on all phones manufactured nowadays is a setting that allows for an emergency call. This is because many people put a security passcode on their mobile phone which means that if something happens, they will need to have the access key to make a call. On modern phones there is a feature that allows this to be bypassed in case something awful happens, allowing anyone nearby to place a call into 911 without a security code required. If your phone is older and outdated, you should consider making an upgrade to one with this feature. You can sell your cell phone at Tech Payout or many others like it. They will help pay the upgrade cost by giving you cash for your old cell phone.

There are a few devices such as bracelets and other style sensors which can continuously monitor your heart rate. This is important to know for those with certain disabilities that could provoke a heart attack at any given point. Being able to constantly monitor this data can help diagnose issues and prevent situations that you may be unprepared for. By connecting the Bluetooth device with your cell phone, this data can be streamed wireless to the web and monitored anywhere in the world. There are many different applications for this including remote monitoring of children.

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What to Do If an Earthquake Occurs While You Are Indoors

Earthquakes happen unexpectedly. Most people are unprepared for such an unanticipated disaster when it strikes. Failing to respond immediately can cost you your life. This is not a time to stall and think about what you’re supposed to do next. If you find yourself indoors when an earthquake occurs, here are some important steps which can save your life.

If you don’t remember anything else, the one thing you should never forget is to ‘drop, cover, and hold on.’ Hardwood furniture or vintage furniture made of durable wood like these vintage end tables is a solid option for those who live in areas that are prone to earthquakes. If you happen to have one in your home, immediately drop under your wooden vintage furniture desk for added protection. Cover your eyes and keep your head under the desk. Make sure you are holding on to a leg of the desk at all times. It’s important that you don’t lose your grip.

If you are already indoors, never seek cover outside of your home. To remain safe, you shouldn’t move more than several steps to find protection. Exiting a building is very foolish, because you’re putting yourself at risk of having hard objects strike you. This often occurs during earthquakes and results in a lot of fatalities. By remaining inside, you’re protecting yourself from the high risk of being killed by falling objects, such as debris from collapsing balconies and walls.

Keep at least several feet away from windows. If a window shatters, you are most likely going to get injured if you’re too close to it — don’t underestimate the power of a shattering window during an earthquake. If you are lying in bed when an earthquake starts, don’t get up and seek cover. Grasp on to the bed frame and place a pillow over your head. If you do get up, you’re at risk of injuring yourself. Trying to find cover will only make you vulnerable to broken glass and falling debris during an earthquake.

Make sure your home or apartment has some sturdy furniture for you to hide under during an earthquake. A safe option for added protection is to hide under hardwood furniture. Periodically refresh your memory with three words: drop, cover and hold. If you continue to do this, you’ll be safe the next time an earthquake strikes while you are indoors. Also, if you are not aware of the signs of an earthquake make sure to read through this article.

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How To Deal With Bug Bites

Since you will spend a lot of time outdoors this summer, it is important that you understand the risk of some types of bug bites. There are a variety of potential hazardous bites that can be contracted while outdoors which may not seem like a big deal. We often get many calls about bites that have been untreated and result in a bad condition that could have been prevented. Here are a few summaries of types of possible bites that you should understand more about.

If you think you may have been bitten by a spider then you should always get this checked out. Most of the time you aren’t sure exactly what did it and a few can be very poisonous. These types of bites will usually become inflamed in a more rounded fashion than something like a fly bite. They will generally not itch and occasionally show some discoloration around the affected area. If the size of the bite begins to increase this is a sign that there could be poison or infection under the skin that should be looked into. Spiders such as the brown recluse will apply a small bite that will actually eat away at the flesh if left untreated which could result in the loss of that region of your body. This is definitely not something that should be messed with, so if you are unsure contact a professional.

One of the most common is a mosquito bite which everyone knows the telltale sign of intense itching. This will usually be a pronounced and well defined raised area which you really want to scratch. This should be avoided as it will irritate the area and make it less visible to monitor its progress. There have been recent scares of the west nile virus which are carried by mosquitos in various regions. Maryland photographers from Petruzzo Photography are all too familiar with this while they were taking nature photographs outside in a marshy area. They always make sure to get checked as this virus is highly deadly and can easily be contracted through a standard sting.

Take a look at this post http://www.webmd.com/allergies/ss/slideshow-bad-bugs for a complete list of different bites that you should be aware of.

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Select The Right Furniture To Maintain Your Health As You Age

As we get older we notice more cracking in our joints and we feel more aches and pains. Our ageing bodies no longer recover like they did in our younger years and we should to listen to what they’re trying to tell us. If we take better care of ourselves now, we will be rewarded in future by still being mobile in our elderly years.

Because so many people in today’s society work on computers or sitting at desks for long hours, we need to be aware of the associated health concerns and do what we can to minimize them. We all might suspect that sitting for long hours is not good for us, but a recent Harvard study confirmed it; too much sitting is linked to an early demise. This is becoming more and more apparent with the number of recent retirees having back pains and problems. The statistics don’t lie and visits to the physiotherapist are up dramatically since before the age of sitting in a chair all day.

We talked with a visiting physiotherapist from Brisbane, Elliot Campbell about his experiences treating his physio patients.  “I work with senior citizens on a regular basis, and back problems are extremely common these days.” He said. “Whenever I am treating somebody with back issues it’s almost always because they’ve been sitting at a desk for long hours with bad posture. Sitting in a chair, especially slouched or hunched over puts incredible pressure on the lower spine.” While research into this area has only recently becoming prominent in the media, we can safely say that by working at maintaining the correct posture now you will save yourself from multiple trips to the chiropractor or from getting physiotherapy in future.

If you have trouble sitting at your desk for long hours with a straight spine and your shoulders back, consider purchasing an ergonomic chair to make the job easier. Ergonomic chairs will hold your spine in a more natural, less awkward position and help keep back pain at bay and you away from the physio clinic. Another great idea is to ensure you get up from your desk and move around once every few hours. It’s not healthy to be seated for hours on end, so take the pressure off and get your blood pumping by getting mobile for a few minutes every hour.

It’s not only chairs that can keep you in good shape, either. Purchasing furniture like tables and bench tops that are at a suitable height for you is equally important. “One other common issue I’ve noticed in some of my elderly patients if they have to hunch over to comfortably work on their kitchen bench tops or to wash the dishes in their sink. Prolonged hunching can cause all sorts of problems, and chopping up vegetables or cleaning dishes in a low sink can be just an much of a health concern as poor posture when sitting.” Elliot continued. “People don’t think about it at the time because it’s only mildly uncomfortable, but if purchasing a higher chopping block or investing in a custom sink to suit your height can save you years of physiotherapy or doctors bills, I say it’s worth it.”

It’s not always easy to find the right height furniture but if you’re a taller person it makes sense to buy higher tables and bench tops, and invest in a custom sink that suits. Keep this in mind when fitting out your new kitchen or renovating your old one. Cupboards and bench top can usually be made to order and we found a company that does reasonably priced custom stainless steel sinks if you’re in the market for a better kitchen sink.

While ageing is inevitable, aches and pains don’t have to be. Take care of yourself while you are still able, so that you don’t need to rely on others when you get older. We all want to be mobile and happy when we’re ready to retire (if we’re not there already) so taking a little bit of extra care now will ensure your health remains for as long as possible.

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Parenting Tips For New Dads

When a couple discovers that they’re pregnant a lot of the attention goes directly to the mother.  For her entire pregnancy she will be the one that needs extra care and compassion, and rightfully so.  All that while the father can do as much as possible to make sure she is comfortable and has access to everything she needs from car rides to medicine to food.  The role of the father during the pregnancy is to support the mother in every way that she needs.  Once the delivery day has come the new dad will have a new slew of responsibilities to take care of.  There are some general principals that every father should follow for parenting.

Strike the prefect work and family balance – After the delivery it is likely that the mother will stay home to take care of the baby full time.  While this is happening its crucial for the father to keep working in order to bring in the much needed income.  There are going to be a lot of new expenses including diapers, baby food, clothes, toys and more.  Setting the proper budget will ensure that all of this is affordable.  Earning a paycheck is important but it should be balanced against how much time it allows the father to spend with his new child.  If a father is working fifty hours a week then that leaves little time for him to get to play with the infant or give some help to the mother in taking care of it.  The father may need to reduce his total weekly hours worked in order to have the free time to help with the family.  You will also want to make keep photographs as children grow up real quick. There are many photographers like J. Bell Photography that specialize in newborn photography and capturing these special moments.

Help out feeding the baby – The activity of nursing the baby is usually defaulted to the mother but this doesn’t have to be the case.  Of course, direct breast feeding will have to be done by the other but there are other option for the father.  The simplest solution would be for the mother to use a pump to store milk in a bottle that the father could then use for bottle feeding later.  To do this she may want to implement a nursing bra that will allow her to pump without needing to take off her entire set of clothes.  Nursing bra information can be found by finding the best nursing bra at a bestnursingbras.org online that specializes in product reviews.  Once the mother has pumped a few bottles worth to store in the refrigerator the the father is able to feed the infant at any time without the help of the mother.

Help put the baby to sleep – One of the most important way to keep a new baby healthy is to make sure it is getting the proper amount of sleep.  Typically they will be sleeping and napping more than twelve hours a day at first.  Fathers should invest in a quality crib that has comfortable padding and high sides for protection.  Often times the baby will be waking up in the middle of the night so the father should volunteer to rock them back to sleep at this point.  If the baby is crying at night then it may be time for some late night nursing.

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3 Safety Tips For This Summer

Summer is finally here and it is time for many of you to put together a list of projects to complete. This is of course the busiest time of year for our staff as there are many accidents incurred with these projects during its construction or even sometimes after it is complete. Whether you are building something or making any other renovations to your home please make note of the following most common calls that we receive which will help you to have a safer year.

Always Protect Your Eyes

There are many activities involved in projects where the eyes are at risk since you are focused so hard on what you are doing. Not many people will actually wear a big pair of safety glasses so it is recommended that you just wear whatever you have. If you are working outside then always have a pair of sunglasses on, and if inside just simply wear your prescription glasses purchased online. The most common call of the summer that we will receive is someone was using a saw or similar power tool and a piece of wood or dust shot into their eye. This is highly uncomfortable and actually poses the threat of casuing blindness. Simply wearing any type of eyewear will prevent this from happening and won’t even scratch your lenses. There are other activities that you should take precautions in as well such as painting, pressure washing, hammering and taking down existing structures. There is always the potential for something to break off and bounce into the eye since they are very sensitive and vulnerable if not protected.

Turn Off the Breakers

Another hazard that is very present in summer construction projects is electricity. Almost every device is wired into your home at 120V which is an extremely dangerous voltage. This is due to the fact that it is not strong enough to push you back, but will cause your muscles to lock up resulting in severe injury or death. If you are working anywhere near an electrical line in your house then remember to turn all of the breakers off. You do not want to accidentally touch an exposed wire, cut through one or hit one with a drill while working on the project. This happens all too often and is very easily prevented with the proper precautionary steps.

Have The Structure Approved

If you plan on building an outdoor structure such as a shed this summer then you need to make sure you receive the proper permitting. Not only will this give you the legal go ahead for the project in the city, but it will also verify the engineering to make sure that the structure is safe for the year. It will need to withstand rain, wind, snow and many other natural activities while sitting outside. There are many cases of someone moving something around and hitting a beam which causes the entire structure to collapse on these do it yourself projects. If you are not familiar with the process then you can work with a comapny to help you to obtain building permits quickly and efficiently. Always make sure to take into consideration your surroundings and complete a safety analysis prior to beginning your work. Check what could be a potential hazard and take the necessary steps to mitigate these present dangerous. You can never be too cautious as accidents are generally associated with very unlucky circumstances.

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4 Tips To Relieve Stress Daily

According to cancer.gov, physiological stress can have a significant negative impact on the quality of life and make someone 4.7% more likely to have a traumatic health issue. Although not directly attributed to cancer, there are many other health issues that can arise from too much stress and directly impact the bodies performance in dealing with cancerous cells and treatments. Stress is not something that can always be avoided as it is always present in our lives, but there are things that can be done to help mitigate its effects. Here are a few simple tips that you can practice daily to help you experience more peace in your daily life.

Create a balanced workout schedule combining aerobic, relaxation and lifting exercises. You should only be lifting weights about 3 times a week which will help maintain and build strong muscles and bones while not being overbearing on the body. If you don’t have enough time or a gym membership, just purchase a set of quality adjustable dumbbells which can provide a quick and effective workout. On the off days from lifting you should be looking into other available exercises that help you relax a bit which could include yoga or going for a job outside. Whatever you prefer, you need to work into your daily schedule. The performance of your body and immune system will help you be happier and more energetic ultimately reducing the amount of stress you will experience throughout the day. And if there is anything that is frustrating you, there is nothing like a good workout that can take care of this.

Remove your mind from work and the daily tasks of your busy life once they are taken care of. A large problem is that we carry around too much baggage and can’t stop thinking about what has been done. This can be very stressful and overwhelming so finding something that can take your mind off of these tasks is important. This can be accomplished by finding a video game that you enjoy. Millions of others play video games every day and get lost in fantasy worlds where they won’t be thinking about their appointment tomorrow, just taking a break from it all and enjoy some entertainment. Just make sure to get a nice gaming mouse if you are going to attempt this which will enhance your experience and be ergonomic for your wrists.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night which has been the proven magic number to full recharge your body. Everyone knows that if you don’t sleep well you will be much more irritable causing strife and other complications. And we know what this leads to, bad things, and more stress. Exercising daily will help tire your body out so you can sleep well at night. It would also be wise to invest in a comfortable bed as this is where you spend most of your time. If you put a set of bamboo sheets on this you will be able to sleep like a dream. They are incredibly comfortable and soft helping to lull you to sleep.

A good combination of the above recommendation is something that you can take into consideration every day and not cost extra money. Start reducing your stress today and live a longer and happier life.

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Health Hazards of Extreme Gaming

As a first responder veteran of several years, I like to think I have a unique perspective on the average health of my area. A lot of areas are different however, over the years you get to see a few patterns that pick up with the various areas you serve. These patterns are injuries and accidents that are a direct result of a consistent, and often avoidable, mistake by the injured. The gaming industry has a lot of downsides besides its amazing upsides Sure it can free you to live an alternative life, but it also often prevents people from living their real lives. This is not a healthy position to take in life. These abusers are consistently seen by our first responding teams in complete shock that what they thought was a “safe” method of entertainment is actually what was killing them.

Often times when we get a home incident or accident need assistance it is due to children or people dependent on adult help. These cases range in all sorts of situations from bad bike accidents, to pranks gone wrong, to severe abuse turned dangerous. The latter is the case when it comes to gaming. If there is a problem that exists, it is from long term and consistent effort. The signs are slow coming but when full blown they result in potential heart attacks, cardiac arrest, panic attacks, sleep deprived incidents, and often malnourishment side effects. This horrible list of ailments isn’t the side effects list of a new medication. It is the side effect of a common trend that’s been growing in popularity. Extreme or hardcore gaming is actually killing people. It’s not directly connected to gaming as all activities done on a computer or media input device are subject to this abuse. Football fans, and reality tv obsessors are also sometimes seen in these situations. More often though it’s gaming. The new minecraft game alone has caused several incidents that I am aware of. These kids pay their minecraft host while running around their virtual worlds without consideration for their physical world and digital real estate which is often falling to decay. Apex Hosting LLC, a minecraft server host, tells us that they frequently receive complaints from parents whose kids spend way too much time on the game. Unkempt bedrooms lead to unkempt houses. It’s a real danger that sneaks up on a lot of our youth.

The best course of action when dealing with large scale time consuming games like Minecraft or world of warcraft it is best to set timers. These timers will let you keep track of time in the real world to allow you to take periodic breaks, walks, and healthy food snacks. Stop ingesting horrible food and take in something that is recommended by your mother, girlfriend, and health doctors. Relax on soda and pizza, drink some juice, and eat an apple. Throw in a few walks and the effects will really add up. You should really check with a personal trainer to get full list of things to do to improve your health. Just be proactive and save yourself a lifetime of pain recovering from a stupid mistake.


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Recommended Products For This Summer

There is no end to the amount of information on recommended products for people to use. On average, these are from opinionated consumers and the like pushing an average persons perspective on an unrelated 3rd party with no particular expertise in the field. Other times, these reviews are high quality and insightful reviews from professionals who, in their free time, choose to share their knowledge and discoveries with others. As a first responder to home emergencies, there are always surprises in every day. Over the months and years though you tend to notice a few trends along the way. These insights can be helpful to your safety and success in life. Often times they are simple items or tasks we all do that could be done just a little better. Or something that should have been reviewed a little closer before purchase. This article is a first responders opinion on the most important items for every house to ensure they get the best technology and prices for. Often times broken or improper equipment results in injury. Other times, product defects or miss conceptions of those products result in awkward gaps of protection. In the home it seems to be focused on home security systems, pool heaters, and ac units. While the first one is obvious, they each have their own circumstantial drawback that always seems to get in peoples way and cause an unforeseen accident.

Home Security System Reviews does a great job analyzing the top systems in 2014. The advantage with their reviews are the well collected list of mobile technologies it showcases. Home Security Systems are not all equal. Most of them are now very outdated. What was once a wire based home monitoring service is now wireless real time, mobile control. The fidelity of these controls are where the safety comes in. One of the most common calls we get is to respond to a home fire for home incident involving appliances that were left on and the resulting injuries. With the new type of security systems, you can control these devices remotely and prevent this from happening. Often these fancy appliances are in nice homes with old school security systems that did them no good. Either they didn’t have a smoke detector linked to their system, or their monitoring service didn’t monitor that kind of incident. Don’t let these unnecessary gaps occur. Buy the right tech for the right job and save an avoidable accident.

Pool Heaters and AC units are both problematic for the same reasons. The times that they are needed are both related to temperature and timing and the effects it has on us as people. With record breaking winter behind us and a comparably intense summer ahead of us, the extremes in temperature are throwing off what we expect out of our environment and appliances and it frustrating a large percentage of people. This frustration builds to genuine anger by some and they end up taking it out on the heavy machinery that isn’t working the way they wanted it to. The end result is a domestic incident with injury and a broken AC unit, or Pool heater. It sounds funny when you hear about it but it’s real. When people are overheated they lose some of their rationality and ‘cool’. This results in very real consequences. Often times these situations can be avoided by having just done a little better research before purchasing a portable air conditioner that isn’t designed to fill your sized room which you can find more information about here, or a pool heater mismatched for your pool size. You can find the pool heater reviews here. Simple mistakes that can be solved with a little more information and a source you can trust.

In the end it’s our own lazy consumer mentality that results in all of these domestic incident. With a little help from review based websites, we can filter out the noise of over saturated markets and sales pitches and get right down to what we want. A method of finding the best tools to help us avoid an inconvenient and potentially hazardous situation. A little effort goes a long way. Finding these reviews before you buy can save you more than you may realize.

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4 Tips to Get Motivated To Work Out

It has been proven that if you are out of shape your likeliness for a heart attack and other health complications is greatly increased. At risk individuals are those that have ignored their health for a long period of time making it difficult to get back into the groove of heading to the gym and improving their cardiovascular health. If you are struggling with this then use these tips to help you get on the right track to a longer and healthier life.

Make use of a pre workout supplement – There is a new wave of products available on the market which will help you get motivated to get moving and into the gym. Their ingredients are focused on increasing energy levels and blood flow. This is done by a combination of stimulants such as caffeine and taurine along with nitric oxide boosters which will increase blood vessel diameter allowing for more blood to be delivered to your body. This will give you a feeling of being more awake and encourage you to get out there and work on your health. There are many products available on the market so make sure you find the best pre workout for your situation.

Find a friend in similar condition – Another great source of motivation can be a friend or colleague that is also interested in getting in shape. You can work together while keeping each other accountable and entertained however you choose to workout. Whether you go to the same gym or schedule weekly outdoor activities you can help each other achieve your goals while having an enjoyable time. It will make the time pass much easier spent in the gym until it becomes a daily habit for you.

Make a schedule – If you have trouble finding the time during the day to exercise than it is of utmost importance that you put it on your schedule. This means that nobody will be able to interrupt the hour that you have set aside for yourself. A healthy body means that you will be able to be more productive during the week so don’t convince yourself that it is time wasted. It is extremely important to your success and longevity. Studies have also shown that those who consistently go to the gym have more ability to focus and work for extended periods of time according to this study.

Do what is comfortable – Some individuals are too embarrassed to go to a public gym or just don’t want to deal with all of the self-obsessed fanatics that are commonly present at these establishments. There are two alternatives to these locations which include the comfort of your own home or a municipal gym at a local rec center. The local recreation centers are generally more casual frequently being visited by the older population in your town. The best option is to work out from the comfort and privacy of your own home. There are plenty of exercises that can be done without the need for machines or heavy weights. Just be sure that the area is safe to exert this physical activity and the temperature is controlled. You don’t want to stress your body too much in high heat locations such as the garage or basement. If this is your only choice, read through portable air conditioner reviews and purchase the unit that will best fit your chosen workout location. This will provide a safe environment for physical activity.

Overall, your health is the most important thing that you have in life. There are many daily distractions and excuses for not trying, but there is always a reasonable amount of exercise that can be achieved. We hope that some of these suggestions might help you start to exercise and improve your health.

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